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KickStart Breakfasts


Fonterra and Sanitarium partnered to form KickStart Breakfast in 2009, offering breakfast of Anchor Milk and Weet-Bix up to twice a week to schools in low socio-economic areas.

Now more than 600 schools are participating throughout New Zealand, with over five million breakfasts bowls provided to date.

KickStart Breakfast is based on a successful community partnership model working together with local communities to address food availability issues for primary through to secondary school students.   In May 2013 the programme welcomed Government support enabling more schools to join the programme and expansion from two to five days a week.  

The unique combination of support builds a targeted programme to meet school needs and draws on wider expertise.  Government backs the programme with resources, Fonterra and Sanitarium distribute the food and communities run the clubs providing people, location and utensils.

It’s about more than just breakfast, the breakfast club environment is a fun engaging space where children interact with their peers and create positive relationships with adult role models.  Schools say KickStart Breakfast clubs are not only helping children nutritionally but also making a positive impact on learning and overall behaviour. KickStart Breakfast in-schools surveys show:

  • Children are happier, have more energy and are able to concentrate longer
  • Children are no longer eating junk food at morning tea
  • Literacy and numeracy levels are improving
  • The club provides a great environment for children to socialise together

The older children are taking on responsibility and looking after the younger ones

To find out more, visit their website here.

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