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Supporting Rural Schools


A DairyNZ initiative is working with dairy farming children, their families and teachers to help lessen the impact of regularly shifting schools.

DairyNZ’s transient student project has now been running successfully in Southland for two years.

The programme provides support for rural primary schools that are affected by the transient nature of dairy farming families. These families often shift jobs and locations mid-year at the start of a new dairying season and it means their children have to start a new school part way through a year.

When significant numbers of these children move in and out of a school, it makes it difficult for a rural primary school to assess learning needs and help assimilate these children into their new learning environment. Additionally, many may not have English as a first language as they are from migrant families.

The transient student project has developed a database for teachers which allows them to pass on the student details to their new school. It also provides a fund that is administered by the local schools helping them to fund assistance to cope with additional student assessment requirements.

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