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AgriKids Competition Rallies the Future of our Dairy Industry


Kiwi kids from all over New Zealand recently took part in the final of the annual AgriKids competition in Taupo. The competition series for primary school students allows children to develop and test agricultural skills as they complete a variety of challenges.

A team of AgriKids competitors, the Fordell Farmhands from Fordell School say the event provides the opportunity to learn about dairying in a fun and practical way.

“AgriKids is a great competition full of fun and challenging activities. It’s an innovative way to learn about agriculture. In 20 years’ time, some of us will be running farms in New Zealand,” say the team.

Twenty one finalists from the regional competitions took part in seven different modules in their efforts to become the 2015 AgriKids grand final winners. Peninsula Possums from Tai Tapu School were the winning team, and the Geraldine Musterers took out second place. Brooke Ross from Waioneke School was named AgriKid of the Year.

AgriKids event organiser Isabelle Hobbs said the judges nominated individuals that displayed strong teamwork skills and a positive attitude.

“Brooke had a very positive attitude and put 100 percent effort into all of the tasks.”

Each module was designed to test a range of skills and knowledge. DairyNZ supplied the module ‘All in a Day’s Work’ which tested practical, every-day skills used in dairy farming. The module was split into three challenges, which saw each team member take a turn dressing up as ‘head farmer’ in blue overalls, a DairyNZ beanie and, of course, gumboots. Each team of three had to assemble a milking cluster, erect an electric fence pen and finally, put together a “how a cow works” puzzle to correctly identify four stomachs. 

DairyNZ’s Rosie the cow handed out prize packs to each contestant. “Rosie was a hit with the public who took plenty of opportunities to snap a photo with their favourite cow,” says Isabelle.

“The competition was very close and all of the teams were a wonderful example to show that the future of our industry is in good hands,” says Isabelle. 

AgriKids membership is free for primary school students and anyone with an interest in learning about dairy is welcome to join. The AgriKids competition series runs alongside the TeenAg Competitions and ANZ Young Farmer Contest. To join, or to find out more, visit agrikidsnz.co.nz.

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